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Barbie Logo Barbie is a friendly, reliable, fun-loving teenager with strong ideals and, of course, personal style. She is a natural born leader who has had some incredible life experiences, but her family and friends have kept her grounded and true to herself. She’s not perfect, she is constantly learning, and she knows she has the strength to do anything she can dream. Like any teen, Barbie has likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, good days and bad days. Most importantly, Barbie has close friends, adorable pets, and supportive sisters who are always there for her.

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Hot Wheels Logo Hot Wheels cars are the coolest vehicles on four wheels! Watch ‘TimeTracker’, ‘RRRoadster’ and ‘Fast Fish’ in the Stunt Crew tearing up the track at epic speed! They’re fast, fierce and racing against the clock!

Make it Epic with ‘Dune it Up’ and ‘Rivited’, accelerating into the lead! Higher, further, faster! Unleash the high-flying action and power within Hot Wheels.

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